Spotlight Awards for Health, Safety & Environment

Achievement of safety goals, completion of safety training, and successful implementation of safety practices are excellent reasons to recognize your team with awards. Safety awards send strong messages to staff on the importance of maintaining a safe workplace and the value that the company places on a healthy workplace.


✧ Excellence In Workplace Health And Safety Culture ✧ Best Health & Safety In Construction
✧ Innovation Of The Year For Fire Control ✧ Best Health & Safety In Manufacturing
✧ Innovation Of The Year For Industry Security ✧ Excellence In Safety In Manufacturing Units
✧ Best Health & Safety Project ✧ Excellence In Safety In Real Estate Industry
✧ Best Customer Service Award ✧ Excellence In Safety In Hospitality Sector
✧ Best Product Innovation Award ✧ Excellence In Safety In Healthcare Industry
✧ Best Safety Solution Award ✧ Excellence In Safety In Transport Sector
✧ Safe@Work Award ✧ Excellence In Safety In Logistic Sector
✧ Safety Transformation Award ✧ Excellence In Safety In Service Sector
✧ Special Safety Award For Small Business ✧ Excellene In Safety For Warehouses
✧ Most Admired Safety And Security Providers Of India ✧ Excellence In Safety In Fmcg Sector
✧ Employer Of The Year ✧ Excellence In Safety In Retail Sector
✧ Best Innovation For Carbon Footprint ✧ Excellence In Safety In Facility Management
✧ Excellence In Safety In Oil And Gas Sector
✧ Excellence In Safety In Mulitplexes

✧ Health & Safety Manager Of The Year Award............ ✧ Health And Safety Educator Of The Year
....(Campaign, Consultant, Organisation)
✧ Rising Star Of The Year Award ✧ Environment Friendly Organisation Of The Year
✧ Lifetime Achievement Award ✧ Carbon Neutral Organisation Of The Year
✧ The Unsung Hero Award ✧ Campaign Of The Year For Prevention Of Fire
✧ Health & Safety Team Of The Year Award ✧ Campaign Of The Year For Security
✧ Campaign Of The Year For Health & Safety

Nomination Form

Judging Criteria for the Award Entries:

a) Small business (less than 20 employees)
b) Large business (20 or more employees)
The Award recognises demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement of workplace health and safety outcomes through the creation and continuation of an outstanding work safety culture. An outstanding safety culture is created through leadership, workforce engagement and training; and reinforced across the organisation using the following:
• Robust safety systems with cooperation and collaboration at all stages of the planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting
• Demonstrated behaviour and workforce engagement
• Evidence of recognition programs, awareness campaigns and risk management

Judging criteria :

For Award Entry category, submissions must show the following (This is just for reference, you can use your own descriptive presentation that can help for your winning entry):
• Describe your safety culture and its key components. How long has it been in place?
• How do your staff and management demonstrate and take ownership of your safety culture across the organisation?
• Has your safety culture been fully integrated into the business? For example – recognition and awareness programs, senior management commitment, workforce engagement, design, purchasing, contract and contractor management, change management, management reviews etc.
• What are the results? Include performance information such as injury frequency and severity, claims costs, claims vs industry performance etc.
• Support your entries with Images / Videos / PPT presentation (wherever possible).

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